February 22, 2022

Killian is ONE!!!

First Birthday, Milestone, Child Portraits

Celebrating the first birthday of a child is often a bittersweet milestone.

It's a time that is filled with the excitement of them reaching one year old and seeing how much they have grown and progressed, with a hint of sadness at how quickly the time has flown by from the time that they were a little baby. For little Killian though, this milestone with nothing but smiles!

Killian had all the energy and excitement of a happy and bouncing little boy for his birthday shoot! He had a hard time sitting still, but when you're one there is so much to see and do, it's no wonder he was constantly on the move! Killian especially loved that he could carry all the cool props around and sit on the stool like a big boy. His smile filled the whole room and I just loved watching him play and laugh throughout his whole session!

Killian also had the best outfits a little boy could have for his birthday photos. He seemed like a little grown up in his jeans and sweater, and I just adored his little bow tie and suspenders that his momma had for his cake smash! He looked so cute as he dug into his cake and got his hands and face all a mess.

Killian's favorite part by far was his bubble bath. We had some extra fun blowing bubbles all around him and the results were epic! Killian definitely approved of this fun spin on the bubble bath and enjoyed trying to catch the bubbles while splashing in the tub. I may have to blow bubbles for all future bubble baths because of how cute it was with Killian!

Killian, I hope you had the very best first birthday and I had so much fun meeting you and capturing this milestone for you! I hope to see you and your sweet family again real soon!!