October 12, 2021

Jaycee~Class of 2022


Becoming a senior in high school means reaching one of the first big milestones of your adult life.

It is a time of excitement for the future, and also a time of remembrance of all the fun times had in school over the years. Senior year is also a time when young people start to really put the pieces together of who they are and who they are becoming. Seniors like Jaycee are already well on their way to doing great things in life!

Jaycee was hand picked to be my very first senior spokesmodel for the class of 2022. Honestly, it wasn't a hard decision for me to make after reviewing her application (and it helped a bit that I am very well acquainted with her family already and had a good idea of what kind of person she would be!) I just knew that Jaycee would be an absolute blast to work with and a beautiful person inside and out to photograph, and I have not been disappointed! Jaycee showed up ready to slay her very first session with me, and she rocked it in true model fashion.

Not only does Jaycee have the sweetest smile, she has an absolute heart of gold. While we were doing her photo shoot, Jaycee's mom shared how Jaycee and the rest of the family went all out to surprise her on her birthday at the beach. They went above and beyond decorating their beach house to show their momma all the love and appreciation she deserved. I just loved hearing this story retold and learning how much Jaycee has already come to value her family and love them dearly at such a young age. I know when I was Jaycee's age I wasn't always so appreciative of my own loved ones, but Jaycee's kind heart shines through along with her sweet personality even in her teenage years!

Since we decided to do Jaycee's first photo shoot with me at my family farm, we of course had to take a trip down to the creek. Jaycee shared with me that she had been a huge Little Mermaid fan as a child, and while I personally am a Beauty and the Beast fan myself, I am always happy to be around a fellow Disney lover. Since Jaycee loved the Little Mermaid so much as a kiddo, we decided to recreate some childhood memories and turned Jaycee into a little mermaid herself. The great thing about Summer photo shoots is the water feels great even early in the morning! Jaycee was such a great sport about getting in the water with all the minos and crayfish trying to check out her feet! I just love how easy going this girl is about going along with my crazy ideas!!!

Jaycee, you were an absolute joy to photograph this Summer! I had the best time getting to know you better and see your sweet soul in person, I can't wait to do more photo shoots with you during the coming year and see where your senior year takes you!!