May 18, 2021

Half Birthday with Mr. A


The one thing that is true for every parent who has ever watched their child grow up, is that time flies right on by and they grow up far faster than they ever imagined they would.

I'm sure little Mr. A's momma felt that way when she found herself scheduling her baby boy's 6 month milestone session!

This little cutie patootie is one very loved little guy. His momma made sure his half birthday was extra special for him, from the customized boating setup we put together for him, to his extra special smash cake. Mr. A's momma pulled out all the stops to ensure that his six month milestone photos were as extra special as he was! I just love working with parents and families that enjoy being "extra" as much as I do when it comes to photos! With as fast as babies grow up and turn into toddlers, and teenagers, and adults, why not celebrate every little milestone you can?!

Even though Mr. A is only six months old, he is already surrounded by so much love. It was so obvious the way not only his momma adored him, but also his big brother! His big brother was a super great helper when he wasn't in the photos himself, making noises and getting his attention in my direction. Although he was quick to give him up if he started to cry!

My favorite part of this special milestone session was the cake smash of course! Anyone that knows me, knows that I just LOVE a good cake smash, the messier the kiddos get the better! Mr. A did not disappoint by any means when it came time to demolish his cake. He dug in and was more than happy to do it! His smile and giggles were absolutely contagious as he made a mess of himself (and his momma!) with his cake. I think his momma used about a half a pack of baby wipes when he was all done to get him and herself cleaned up enough for the ride home! All in all, I think it's safe to say he enjoyed his half birthday photo shoot!

Mr. A, I am so thankful that I had this opportunity to meet you and capture this special time in your life. Even though you won't remember it, I know your family will be sure to tell you about the fun you had when you are older. I can't wait to watch you grow and see you again!