December 16, 2022

Esther + Laverne~Married

Wedding, Couples, Engagement

One of the truly wonderful things about falling in love, is that it knows no age limit.

There's no point in your life where you're too old to fall in love, get married, and enjoy your happily ever after. Esther and Laverne's beautiful and touching wedding day was proof that no matter how old your are, you're never too old to say "I do" to someone you love.

To look at both Esther and Laverne on their wedding day, you would never have guessed that this was a second marriage for both of them. Esther and Laverne were both widowed by their former spouses, but thankfully they found love again in one another. In watching them throughout their special day, I saw them both beaming with pure joy and excitement, especially when they were gazing upon one another. There was no doubt in my mind during their day that these two were just as thrilled to marry one another as every other couple that I have had the honor of serving.

One of the sweetest details that I was able to witness during their wedding day, was being able to see how they made sure to attend to one another and help ensure their safety. While still very much young at heart and giddy in love, being in their golden years, they needed to take some extra care when moving about. The beauty of their love for one another was in that they didn't each just go along only worrying about themselves, instead they held onto one another and moved with care, all the while watching their beloved to ensure they were doing okay too. They are certainly fortunate to have found a companion in each other, one who truly will be there in both sickness and in health!

While they were married at St. Paul's UCC in Urban, they enjoyed their beautiful reception at Benigna Creek Winery. We of course had to take advantage of the lovely sprawling vineyards and mountain views for some of their portraits as husband and wife. Esther surprised me with her feisty side when she requested a shot of her pulling Lavern in by his tie for a kiss! She surprised me again during the reception when she started twerking with her son on the dance floor! It seemed that the love and excitement of her wedding day took back the years for her and made her feel young again. Twerking wasn't the only memorable dance at their wedding though. After Laverne and Esther shared their first dance as husband and wife together, they also danced with their children. Throughout the day they incorporated their families and intertwined them into the coming together of their lives, and this was but one of the beautiful ways they did that. Their day wasn't just the two of them joining together, but also the joining of their families together as one.

Esther and Laverne, your day was filled with such an incredible amount of joy and love, we couldn't help but adore every minute of it. We wish you both the most happiness and are so thankful we were able to capture your day for you. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Smeltz!!