March 23, 2021

Amanda + Alex Engagement


The joyful glow that surrounds a sweet and loving couple when they first get engaged is unlike anything else in this world to behold.

The looks they exchange carry a special tenderness, it's like they are seeing one another in a whole new light. The new titles for one another, fiancé, just make everything a bit brighter. It's like the warm glow that a fire makes as it heats up the surrounding area in the Winter time. This is what it was like to spend time with Amanda and Alex during their engagement photo shoot.

It has been nothing but pure delight to know these two over the years and be able to call them my friends. They are truly two of the most kind people you could ever hope to meet, and being able to watch them together and hear the stories of what their lives together is like, shows just how well matched they are for one another. Their personalities and their lives are so beautifully intertwined, they are like real life couple goals! I couldn't have been more excited when Amanda sent me the picture of her engagement ring after Alex popped the question! It came to her as a total surprise and it was just the sweetest thing ever! If you didn't know this about me, I ALWAYS love to hear the proposal stories ;-)

For the most adorable couple I know, we had to pull out all the stops for their engagement session. They were such great sports about being out in the Winter cold, and definitely lasted way longer than I probably would have in their positions! Amanda and Alex were dressed to impress in the most classy outfits for the start of their session! With their engagement session being on Valentine's weekend, we decided to incorporate some small details that pointed to the season. Amanda had a stunning bouquet with some beautiful red roses that my friend Melissa created for their engagement portraits. The bouquet combined with Amanda and Alex's wardrobe created an elegant contrast with the white snow covered surroundings. We also had some lovely chocolate covered strawberries for them to share. Probably the most epic part was their champagne popping and toast, it brought such a great element of fun to the whole setting, we all loved it!!! Side note, if you're planning an engagement session, seriously consider doing this, you won't regret it!!

Amanda and Alex were also able to enjoy a more laid back, comfy and cozy portion during their photos. We went to a nearby creek and took photos by the partially frozen waters. The spot wasn't deep, only a few inches, but it created a stunning picturesque look with the water winding around the snow covered rocky points. I couldn't resist asking Amanda how much she trusted me when I spotted the prettiest patterns in the ice with the perfect little hole in it to stand her ring in. Her ring stood so lovely surrounded by the intricate details in the ice, and her ring was safely put back on her finger in a jiffy! Amanda and Alex were just the most perfect and snuggly couple for this quiet Winter setting. I seriously loved every minute I was able to capture the love they share!

Amanda and Alex, thank you so much for allowing me to capture not only your first official portraits as an engaged couple, but also your first professional photos together ever! Watching you two together and being your friend is always a joy and a blessing in my life, and I am so happy for you both as you start this new chapter in your relationship!