June 29, 2021

5 Tips for Epic Wedding Day Photos

Tips & Tricks

After months of planning and preparing, the big day finally arrives. With all the time spent preparing, it would be great if the wedding day could last longer, but for many couples it flies by in a flash.

After the day is over, the only thing left is the memory of the day that began forever, and the photos you receive of it. While much of capturing the wedding day relies on the photographer's style, there are some things that a bride and groom can do to take their wedding day photos to the next level. While some of these tips will be more specific to my bright and vibrant style, they can still help ensure your photos are top notch.

Choose a getting ready location with lots of natural light.

If you have options at your venue or location that you are getting ready at prior to the wedding, choose a spot with lots of natural light. Look for a room with big windows, skylights, glass doors, and if there are light, muted color walls that is an extra bonus! This is especially important when you are working with photographers like myself who prefer to work with natural light whenever possible. Natural light will give a soft, flattering look to your features when you're preparing for your wedding which helps create more dreamy images. As far as the walls go, try to avoid rooms that have super bold colors, as those colors can be cast onto your skin and lead to less than flattering skin tones. White and light gray are really great wall colors for more dreamy getting ready photos.

Opt for real flowers

Now I am no florist, but I can tell you that after photographing many weddings with a variety of floral types, real flowers photograph 10x better than fake ones. I know not every budget can allow for the added expense of real florals, but if you can manage it, it will take your images up a notch. Real flowers can also be used for taking photos of your lovely rings, while silk flowers tend to be more flimsy and don't have the strength to position the ring and hold it in place. If the only things you can manage to have as real florals are your bouquets and boutonnieres, go for it! They will help bring your colors together and are a beautiful focal point to tie your wedding look together. I am also always a huge fan of a stunning arch piece, they add so much to the overall look when everyone is watching you say your vows at the altar. Some of my personal favorite flowers to photograph are peonies, roses, and ranunculus ;-) Another bonus tip, ask your florist if they offer magnets for the boutonnieres, they make placement a breeze!

Flowy veil, yes please!

Now this might seem a bit old fashioned, but hear me out on this one. Veils can really help create more romantic and dreamy images for your wedding day. It doesn't need to be a veil that goes over your face as you come down the aisle, but you will want it to be at least hip length to make it useful for your photos. There are so many options with a long flowy veil! You can get the swoopy veil images, peeking under the veil, kissing under the veil, throwing the veil in the air, the possibilities are endless! You will want to make sure you have your hair artist secure it in place before they leave, because they will not only be an expert on making sure it stays put for the day, but they will also be able to place it in a way that adds to your overall look, instead of hiding it. So get the veil and get ready for lots of stunning veil shots to add to your wedding gallery!

Get false eyelashes to make your eyes pop!

While some people are blessed with long, full, dreamy natural eyelashes, not all of us are so lucky. While this might seem like a small, insignificant detail, I can tell you it will make a huge difference in your wedding photos. There is nothing that makes your eyes pop like having some long and lush eyelashes for your photos. Make sure you let your makeup artist know that you want them ahead of time so they can set aside the necessary time to place them correctly, because you don't want to try and rush lash application! It might seem over the top if you're not used to them, but trust me, they will look great and you will love how they add to your photos when they're done. Be sure to ask if your makeup artist offers magnetic lashes as an option if you want to skip the glue!

Set aside time for some sunset photos of you and your groom.

If your wedding day offers nice weather, and your photography timeline has the time for it, head outside during the reception for a few minutes to get some extra special photos together as husband and wife. It doesn't have to take a ton of time, because it will just be the two of you, but these will add so much to your gallery. After couples have had a chance to eat, mingle, and dance for a bit they are typically much more relaxed. They're no longer stressing about organizing everyone, getting to the meal on time, they have had time to relax and enjoy the day more. This is also the best time to take advantage of more dreamy and flattering light that will give the ultimate glow. So take the time to sneak off together and get some romantic, laid back photos as husband and wife.

At the end of the day, the most important part of your wedding day is going to be that you get to spend the rest of your life with the person you love most. But with these tips, your day can be just a little more dreamy, elegant, and epic to look back on.