August 23, 2022

Tilly is THREE!!!

Child Portraits, Milestone

It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly fast time goes by, especially when it comes to watching children grow up.

It seems like just yesterday I met Tilly as a newborn babe, and now in what seems like the blink of an eye, she is already turning three years old!

Tilly has been a bright ray of sunshine in the lives of all who know her from the moment she was born. Her huge smile is guaranteed to make anyone around her just melt in adoration of her. She is one of the cutest little girls you could ever hope to meet, which is probably a good thing as she grows and shows off her sass!

Tilly's momma is always super into planning and details. She keeps Tilly dressed in the most adorable outfits, and always has something special for her birthday. This year she got her the cutest little tiara that said "three" on it for her to wear for her photos. Naturally, Tilly wanted nothing to do with wearing this super cute accessory! She had a grand time tossing it into the creek, putting it on backwards, and sticking it in her mouth, but wearing it on her head simply wasn't something she was interested in for today. Tilly has certainly grown into a very strong personality, one that will certainly change the world once she's a few years older!

For Tilly's birthday this year, her momma thought it might work out best if she could play in the creek during her photos. I am always down to play in the water, so that's what we did! Tilly quite enjoyed herself splashing in the water and trying to splash water onto her momma and me. She also had a grand time dipping her hands in the water and then licking the water off of them, in spite of her momma and my own protests! She just giggled away at us and continued to have herself some fun. Her joy of playing in the water would not be disrupted by anything! I hope that she never loses that joy for life as she grows up!!

Tilly, being part of yet another wonderful milestone in your life is such an honor and a blessing for me. I always enjoy seeing your smiling face and look forward to watching you grow up in the coming years!