November 2, 2021

Lucas is ONE!!!

Child Portraits, First Birthday

Time never goes by faster than it does during a child's first year on this earth.

I have witnessed it so many times over the years, and yet it always seems impossible that a little baby is turning one. I'm sure that is exactly how little Lucas's parents felt at his first birthday!

I had the joy of capturing Lucas's parents on their wedding day a few short years ago, and being able to meet the gift that their love for one another has brought was an even greater joy for me! Lucas was just as happy and full of smiles and laughter as his mom and dad for his birthday photos. His smile lit up the whole room, you couldn't help but smile right back at him!

I just adored Lucas's special little birthday outfit. I especially loved the suspenders, I always think little boys in suspenders are just the cutest thing! Lucas absolutely owned the room with his casual but fun style, I could definitely tell that he likes to ham it up!

Lucas especially loved playing with all the balloons that were a part of his special birthday set. He had a blast chasing them around, having them tossed back to him, and on occasion trying to chew on them. He also enjoyed digging into his personal birthday cake! Messy kids are always my favorite to photograph, and I just loved watching Lucas get in there and make a mess of himself and his birthday cake! All in all I would say he had a pretty successful and fun afternoon.

Lucas, I am so thankful that I was able to meet you to help celebrate your first year on this earth. Seeing your smile was a great joy, and I am sure you are a blessing to your parents. I can't wait to see you again soon!