July 26, 2022

Kayla is 30!!!!


It's a mystery to me, that we spend so much time and energy celebrating every milestone that children reach when they are little, and we again celebrate adults when they have reached their golden years and the milestone birthdays in that time frame, and yet we completely gloss over the middle years.

In fact, much of the time from the 20's to 50's, many people want to forget all about their birthday even though every year is a gift and should be celebrated! I am so glad that Kayla and her loving family felt that turning 30 was a milestone worthy of celebrating and making the most of!

I have been blessed to know Kayla for the last few years now, and she is one of the sweetest people I have the joy of knowing and have come to call her a friend. She is always loving and doing all she can for her beloved family and friends, so it came as no surprise when they reached out wanting to give her the gift of a photo shoot that was all about her reaching this wonderful milestone! They helped coordinate every detail she desired to ensure that it was perfect, and oh how perfectly amazing it ended up being!!

We settled on celebrating her 30th birthday at the beautiful Penn's Tavern. With their warm and inviting landscaping nestled right along the river, it made the most luxurious spot to honor this amazing woman. It was here that Kayla said farewell to her 20's and welcomed her 30's. She even brought along her beloved and long time companion, Maddie! It came as no surprise that Kayla's favorite pooch was as loving and happy as she was! With a wagging tail and a smile, Maddie stole the show when she was in the photos. Witnessing the bond between Kayla and Maddie was truly a special blessing and showed how much our pets love us through the years.

It may have taken a few times rescheduling due to weather, but we finally had the most perfect sunset for Kayla to bask in as she said farewell to her 20's. By some miracle, the flowers and flower crown that she got from Flowers and Friends still looked incredible too! We had so much fun dancing and laughing down by the river bank as the sun went down, it made me wish that everyday could be this much fun! I hope that more people embrace their life through all the stages like Kayla does and celebrate the life they have been given!

Kayla, I am so thankful that I was able to celebrate your 30th birthday in this extra special way! You are an incredible woman, and I hope your next 30 years are even more wonderful that the last 30!