June 8, 2021

Kaden + Tessa ~ Prom 2021

Just for Fun

There's just something so extra special about two young teens going off to their very first prom.

Especially after the normal prom's being cancelled in 2020 due to COVID, I'm sure those that happened this year were even more special to both the teens and their families. It's the first time that parents get to see their beloved children all dressed up and grown up. Mom's especially get excited to share in this extra special event, one of the biggest events in a high schooler's life thus far. It's a day full of emotions for both the families and for the teens themselves.

I have had the absolute joy of knowing Kaden since he was only a little boy. I've watched him grow up all these years, and I could hardly believe that the time had come for him to go to his first prom. He looked quite the dashing young man all dressed up in his tux, a big difference from his day to day look! I know it was both a fun and somewhat emotional day for his mom, seeing her little boy all grown up. Kaden might not have been the most comfortable in his tux, but he certainly was a good sport about it, but how could he not be with a beautiful date like Tessa!

Tessa looked absolutely stunning in her prom gown! It was the most gorgeous dress and perfectly designed for twirling. She looked like a beautiful queen as she twirled in the orchards with her soft smile light hearted laugh! Tessa has one of those sweet personalities and you can just tell she has a kind soul from the moment you meet her that makes her all the more beautiful. Both her lovely bouquet and Kaden's boutonniere from Flowers and Friends complimented their outfits perfectly.

The blooming orchards made the most perfect and dreamy setting for Kaden and Tessa's prom photos. These two were also such good sports about having their pictures taken for their special prom day. I have no doubt that as young teens it had to feel pretty awkward having someone giving all the posing instructions and snapping photos with their parents laughing as they watched on nearby. But through it all Kaden and Tessa handled themselves well and took everything I asked them to do in stride. They really made the most adorable couple and I couldn't resist having more intimate poses with them!

Kaden and Tessa, I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to capture you two on your special prom day. You two were so wonderful to photograph, and I can't wait to get you in front of my camera again in the future!