March 29, 2022

Harper is TWO!!!

Child Portraits, Milestone, Family Portraits

Time never goes by so quickly as it does when watching little ones grow up.

I feel like it was just yesterday that Harper's momma was expecting her arrival, and yet somehow here she is, already two years old!

Harper is one of those little girls that when you meet her, you know that she will change the world when she grows up, as long as her parents can survive raising her! She has a strong will about her, and certainly has been blessed with a mind of her own. I can't say that any of those who know her are too surprised at her strong will, she is a miniature version of her momma, in both her mindset and her appearance.

Harper's pappy made her a super cute raft and oar for her special birthday, but she seemed far more interested in playing with the seashells. It's one of the joys of being a child, to find something so simple so very fascinating. Harper was just delighted to take each shell out of the basket, lay them out to inspect, and pile them back in. She would have happily played with them all day long.

Harper was able to be briefly talked into some photos with her family, if of course she was able to hold onto at least one tiny seashell while having them taken! Seeing her smile and hearing her laughter as she was embraced in the loving arms of her parents filled the whole room with joy! She is one lucky little girl to be so dearly loved by her parents and all who know her.

Harper, it has been such a great blessing to watch you grow these past two years! I can't wait to see your personality shine in the coming years and watch you grow up surrounded by love!