May 23, 2023

Gabrielle & W~Mommy & Me

Child Portraits, Family Portraits

I think that one of the hardest things about being a boy mom, is knowing that the time will come all too soon that the sweet boy that she loves so much, won't want her hugs, her kisses, or her snuggles.

Perhaps that's the reason why boy momma's love a little extra on their baby boy's while they're still little and don't mind showing their momma some love in return. Fortunately for Gabrielle, her little W still has no issue with showing his momma how much he loves her!

For W being as old as he is, he was one of the sweetest and most loving little boys for his momma during their mommy and me session. He was always more than happy to give her a hug and a kiss whenever I asked him to, and sometimes even when I didn't ask him to! Of course, having a loving and affectionate momma like Gabrielle, I can't say I was too surprised to witness how much W adored his momma.

Gabrielle strikes me as the type of momma who fills her child's day with good thoughts and words of encouragement. She's the kind of momma that never leaves "I love you" go unsaid, and is always there with a warm hug and a smile for her precious son. I think that she too knows that her days of being loved this much are limited, and she intends to soak up every hug and smile while she can.

My absolute most favorite part was when, without prompting, W just dropped to one knee and offered his momma a pretend proposal. He even held his hands to form a ring box. It was the most precious, innocent, and adorable thing I have ever had the chance to watch unfold in a portrait session. The perfect setting at Smucker garden center just added to the whole scene to make it truly photo dream worthy. The love that this little boy has for his momma is surely the greatest gift that any momma could hope to receive from their child.

Gabrielle and W, thank you for allowing me to capture these extra special memories of the two of you. You both filled my day with joy and I hope to see you again real soon!