April 30, 2022

Ezra is ONE!!

First Birthday, Milestone, Child Portraits, Family Portraits

Watching little ones grow up and reach milestones is truly one of the most wonderful blessings there is in this world.

As they grow, not only do they change in appearance, but they come into their own wonderful personality. Ezra showed that for only being one, he has a great big personality already!

While I always adore and have fun with every kiddo's first birthday photos, Ezra's was an extra special one for me. Not only did I get to capture his birthday photos, but I also have had the wonderful blessing of capturing him at various times throughout his first year on this earth, including when he was a wee little baby fresh out of the NICU. I was even able to assist in photographing his parents wedding! To say I have loved watching every milestone in his young life is definitely an understatement!

Making his session even more special, was the fact that it was the last one I did before having my own baby boy. I may have been very pregnant hanging out on the floor of my studio to photograph Ezra, but it was totally worth it! I will always remember that his final gallery was delivered mere hours before I went into labor, almost as if my little boy wanted Ezra's family to have Ezra's photos before he made his own debut.

I had so much fun bringing Ezra's momma's vision of a safari style "Wild One" theme to life for his first birthday! Ezra also seemed to rise to the occasion of fitting that theme! I loved seeing all his silly expressions and his little goofy growls. I think his momma definitely picked a theme that was fitting for his personality at this stage in his life. Ezra had all the things for his first birthday photo shoot, from cool outfits, to his favorite toys, to the blanket his auntie made him that he had photos with at 6 months and as a newborn. My favorite was his little snowman outfit, I just thought he made the most adorable snowman for his January birthday!

Ezra, I have had the best time watching you grow over the past year! You have come a long way from the tiny NICU premie that I met a year ago. I can't wait to watch you grow in the years to come and see your personality evolve!