December 14, 2021

On the Job with Dan Shingara Enterprises

Branding, Products

Manual labor is not a job for the faint of heart. More often than not, it is long days of back breaking work in every type of weather.

For those that choose to persevere in this line of work though, it can also be very rewarding. There is a certain satisfaction that comes only from hard work, and those that choose this field know what that feels like.

Only those who have worked in manual labor will know the pride that comes with being able to pass by everyday structures, roads, and bridges and know that they themselves helped make that. Sure, jobs like this involve a lot of heavy equipment and machinery, but they are only as good as the individuals that operate them. It takes a lot of time to learn the skills and expertise to make operating heavy equipment look easy, but the crew working for Dan Shingara Enterprises did just that! Having grown up in an industrial type of family owned business myself, I have an extra appreciation for the hard work that the people at Dan Shingara Enterprises put in at not only this job site, but every job they take on.

While to the outside person it may seem like these jobs aren't a big deal to do, there are actually a lot of steps involved and it takes many hands to accomplish the task at hand. Each piece of equipment is manned to keep everything moving along smoothly so the job gets done efficiently and correctly. The day that I was there we were blessed with fair weather and the morning sun peeked through the trees to give the most beautiful glow to the work being done. I know though, that not everyday is as pleasant as this, and regardless of the weather, these men will be putting in a hard and honest day's work.

One of the things that makes Dan Shingara Enterprises even more special, is the involvement of family in the business. Dan's son Derek, works hard in the industry, and has done so long enough and gained the knowledge and wisdom through his years of hard work to actually handle leading this job site. I am sure that it brings Dan an extreme amount of pride to see his son following so well in his footsteps in this business. Derek's little man also loves to see what his dad and pap do, and often plays in the yard with his toy excavator and dump trucks, shoveling dirt, rocks, and mud. I would have to say he is well on his way for being the next generation in the family business!

Being involved in a family business is no walk in the park, especially when it is a hard laboring business. It takes long days of exhausting work and dedication to make the business a success. It takes sacrifices that many people don't even realize. But the satisfaction of knowing what you have built and have accomplished are all worth it in the end. It was an honor to capture a small portion of the work the folks at Dan Shingara Enterprises do every single day, and to work with a great family owned business in the area!